Recently we do a promotional content in Facebook and received few question about clothing and shop location. Unfortunately we do not have any shop or eCommerce store that branded with Koreandresses.

We only promote and list clothing line from established online Korean clothing shop such as Yesstyle and Kooding. So due to this, i’ve decided to compile a list of most visited and popular online Korean clothing website for your shopping desire, its near Christmas so maybe you want to pick one or two clothing for her or him 🙂

Do you attracted to Korean clothing fashion? But do not know from where to buy it? “Don’t worry don’t worry”quote from Taxi driver (Korean movie)

Then you should know that there are various websites of Korean clothing from where you can easily buy Korean fashion. Here are the top 10 websites for buying Korean clothes that are currently creating a buzz all over the world.

But if this the first time you are hearing about Korean fashion, then here’s good news for you, you’re not the only one in love with it, the Korean or K-pop fashion has been rocking the fashion world nowadays. There are fashionable skirt shirts, rib-knit turtleneck sweater, lightweight denim jackets, V-neck contrast-trim top, and many more, that are available for both men, women and kids. So, if you want to know about Korean clothing and fashion brands then prepare to open your eyes to this trendy style.

Following are the top Korean fashion clothing websites that are popular all over the world.

1. YesStyle

yesstyle korean clothing online shop
YesStyle is the best option for you if you are looking for impeccable Korean fashionable clothing. You can choose your favorite fashionable clothes from hundreds of brands like Merongshop, Michyeora, Seoul Homme, Jougunshop Styleman, Gerio, and various others when you are shopping at YesStyle.

The YesStyle has simplified the dynamic Korean clothing style for women. You will get trendy women clothes at a cheaper price here. The prices start from $9. You will find many fashionable Korean men and women’s clothes under $100. It is similar to kid’s clothing as well. They also offer discounts to the clothes. The shipping costs approximately $35, if you are not from the country.

2. Kooding

kooding korean clothing online shopKooding is another prominent Korean online fashion shop that connects their customers to the latest fashion. You will find the latest fashion trends for men, women and kids in Kooding. Kodding provides women with different latest trends such as the new dress style, tops, skirts etc. For men, Kooding offers the latest fashion for jackets with a high neck, banding pants for joggers, etc.

The price of the clothes comes within $20-$100. So, if you want to go for exquisite Korean clothing fashion, then Kooding is the best option for you. The clothes in Kooding comes with various sizes. So, you do not have to worry about not getting any size.

The rates for shipping offered by Kooding varies with region. If case you are from Asia or the USA, they would charge $4.99 if you shop below $50. However, if you shop more items above $50, then the shipping charges will be free. If you are from Europe, then the shipping charges will $8.99, if you shop below $50. If you have shopped between 50 USD and 100 USD, then the shipping charges will be 4.99 USD and if you shop above $100, then your shipping charges would be free. For South America, the Caribbean, along with the Africa region, the shipping cost is 8.99 USD if you shop below $50. If you shop above $50, then your shipping charges would cost you $4.99. But if you shop above $150, your shopping charges would be without any cost.

3. Kakuu basic

Kakuu basic is one among the creators of selling the latest trends of Korean clothing. If you want to go for trendy fashion, then you should visit the Kakuu basic website. This website is best for women because Kakuu Basic deals with all the latest trend for women. They sell many classic clothes between $20 and $100. There are also few fashionable clothes that are found below $20 that you can buy if you have a low budget.

4. Chuu

In Chuu you can easily navigate and search for the type of style you have been looking for all along. If you have a wish list for Korean women’s clothing, then this is the place where you will find all the items in your wish list. This website is popular for strawberry T-shirt and jackets. You can buy it if you want because it is quite trendy.

You will also find bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and many more in Chuu. You will find the prices quite fetching. If you have a budget between $6 and $70, you will find many trendy items within that budget. Chuu ships its products to its customers anywhere around the world with the help of EMS and DHL. Free shipping is available for shopping above $200 for the customers, who are non-Asian and they might charge customs duty fee too.

5. Maco Bling

Maco Bling also deals with women’s fashion. Maco Bling is perfect for those who want to go for traditional look but still want to look fashionable. The skirts and dresses, which you will find in Maco Bling would offer you a royally look. And you will love the denim pants.

Shipping to the customers can be done anywhere around the world. It will be delivered within 5 to 10 days. Free shipping is available for order above $150. International fee might be applicable of 20 USD.

6. Rowky

rowky korean clothing online shop
It is an online ladies fashion store specializing in traditional style. If you are in love with oversized hoodie over and dresses, you will find varieties of it in Rowky. The only problem you will face while viewing this website is that one side of the website is Korean. You will be needing a translator to place an order.

You will find the prices of this website affordable. The prices start from 22 USD. You will find the latest trend of fashion between 22 USD and 70 USD. Rowky has so many varieties that you might get confused in choosing which one to buy? Shipping is made all over the world with the help of CJ Logistics. After that, a link will be sent to you as soon as you hit ‘delivery’. Currently, Rowky is probably quite a popular and successful shopping website for shopping Korean clothing.

7. Stylenanda

Stylenanda is famous for shopping outerwear and accessories. You will find unique style of all types of clothing such as coats, bottoms, and blazers in this website. You can go for a traditional look or a modern look. You will find it all here. If you have a budget between $50-$200, you will find different types of dresses that comes with different colors, designs and styles. It might be expensive but it is worth it. Stylenanda is available online for customers all over the world as well as they are also available in various physical stores worldwide.

8. Sechuna

If you want the finest Korean online shopping website, Sechuna would be the best choice. They are representing the latest trend for the youths such as men’s V-neck cardigan, T-shirt dresses with shirt sleeves, and many other clothing that a youth would like to have. The Sechuna fashionable store is quite affordable. The price range starts from 10 USD. You will find the latest trend in clothing Sechuna from 10 USD.

9. Sthsweet

5thsweet korean clothing online shop
In Sthsweet, you will find the top brands of Korean fashion like Icecream12, Chuu, Michyeora, and Dabagirl at the latest and the most affordable price. New products arrive every day and you might get a 5% discount for the first 3 days as soon as they arrive at the website.

This online shop works openly with brands that is why they are able to provide you with the best quality with the most affordable price. They ship their products to their customers all over the world with DHL within the 2 days after it has been shipped. The shipping is free of cost for those orders which are over $100 and $200 in Asia and other parts of the globe respectively.

10. MixxMix

MixxMix comes with diversity of women’s clothes. This website is perfectly suitable for teenagers since most of the clothes are available for teenagers.
You can start buying clothes within a minimum budget of 28 USD. MixxMix ships all over the world. They would deliver within 7 to 10 corporate days from the date of delivery.

mixxmix korean clothing online shop

What is Korean clothing Fashion?

It consists of diversity of fashion. It is not about wearing skimpy and short clothes, it is more to that. There are patterns, designs and uniqueness involved in the Korean Fashion clothing. Shirts, T-shirts dresses that matches with sunglasses and sneakers are common among Korean teenagers during summers. For young Korean professionals, there are turtleneck dresses with bright colors. multi colored or beige dresses and stilettos, which are mostly common among them.

Want to know more? Here’s few of the best website for Korean fashion and beauty news.

Oversized cardigan or faux fur coats along with jackets that have designed cuts matching with high-knee boots are mostly common during winters.
Denim or skinny jeans worn with a turtleneck top or polo T-shirt, puffer jackets as well as sock shoes are very common in Korea.

There are also sweaters and jeans that are preferred mostly by the people of Korea. Either they can be worn separately or combining, depends upon how the person chooses to wear.

  • Where to buy Korean fashionable clothes online?
    The above-mentioned websites are the best websites from where you can purchase Korean clothes. But before buying, you will need to open an account on the websites.
  • Which is the safest and the best online Korean fashionable clothing store to buy clothes from?
    All of the above are the recommended websites for you to shop. They offer various and exceptional styles of fashion to their customers.
  • Are any physical Korean clothing stores available in US and UK?
    No, the physical Korean clothing stores are not available. But if you order from these Korean websites, your items can be delivered worldwide.

Final Summary

Korean online clothing stores utilize this website to sell their products and deliver it to their customers quickly. By this customer will be fully satisfied and they can concentrate more on upgrading their fashion line. YGEditorialClothing website,Online shops
Recently we do a promotional content in Facebook and received few question about clothing and shop location. Unfortunately we do not have any shop or eCommerce store that branded with Koreandresses. We only promote and list clothing line from established online Korean clothing shop such as Yesstyle and Kooding....